0. Where is the world’s longest river?

1. What is the world’s widest river?

2. In which river in South America might you find Piranhas?

3. Which river forms a border between Mongolia and the Russian Far East?

4. What is China’s longest river?

5. Which rivers form borders between two states in the Pacific Northwest (USA)?

6. The Eternal City of Rome was originally built on seven hills along which river?

7. Red Square, the Kremlin, and the Red October Chocolate Factory are situated on the banks of which river?

8. West Point Military Academy is situated on which river?

9. The city of Quebec is located on which waterway?

10. Central California has two main river systems, one flows south and the other north. ??

11. Which two rivers join just above St. Louis Missouri to form one of the world’s longest rivers?

12. One of the world’s great art museums, the Hermitage, sits on the bank of which river?

13. Which river originates in Rocky Mountain National Park, flows through the Grand Canyon and empties into the Gulf of               California?

14. Which two rivers are found in Baghdad?

15. Which river bisects Budapest, Hungary?

16. Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine, sits upon the banks of this river.

17. What is the only outlet from California/Nevada’s Lake Tahoe?

18. Which river runs through the western part of the Middle East, forms most of Israel’s eastern border, and flows into the               Dead Sea?

19. W. H. Hudson’s 1904 book Green Mansions is a haunting story based in the green jungle along the _______River.

20. This Russian river runs from the Valdai Hills north of Moscow to the Caspian Sea in the south. It is connected to             Moscow by a canal dug by hand during the times of Stalin.

21. Which river formed Hells Canyon, between Idaho and Oregon?

22. Stanley and Livingston met along this river, close to Victoria Falls in Africa.

23. Which beautiful jade-colored river can be found paralleling HWY 1 in Canada’s Alberta Province?

24. Where is "The River of No Return?"

My Favorite River Trip: Zeya River in the Russian far east, riding in an old army tank. 1998